Our expert physicians use the latest technology in the diagnosis and treatment of knee disorders, injuries, and replacements.


Resurgens physicians will work with each patient to determine the best treatment options to help you reach your goals.


When surgical treatment is indicated, our surgeons are trained to perform the latest knee surgery techniques.


Our knee therapists have advanced training and expertise in rehabilitation and work closely with our knee physicians to ensure that each patient is returned to the highest level of function and pain relief possible.


Knee health can have patients wondering what's next. Our physicians answer your most pressing questions so you know what to expect during a visit and throughout your recovery.


The knee is the largest joint in the body, and one of the most easily injured. It is made up of the lower end of the thighbone (femur), which rotates on the upper end of the shinbone (tibia), and the knee cap (patella), which slides in a groove on the end of the femur. The knee also contains large ligaments, which help control motion by connecting bones and by bracing the joint against abnormal types of motion. Another important structure, the meniscus, is a wedge of soft cartilage between the femur and tibia that serves to cushion the knee and helps it absorb shock during motion.

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Hip Replacement Fixed Knee Pain Too

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Randy Martin

By the time he saw Dr. Robert Yarbrough, Randy Martin had been suffering from severe bone-on-bone knee pain for almost 30 years. But could Randy's knee pain actually be coming from his hip? After watching Randy walk, Dr. Yarbrough...
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Chris's ACL Success Story

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Growing up Chris played all kind of sports; football, basketball, track, lacrosse, and swimming. He was looking forward to a future as an athlete when slight knee-to-knee contact tore his right anterior cruciate ligament or ACL. After this...
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Rikki's Knee Success

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Rikki was walking down a few flat stairs when her knee gave out and left her on the ground into excruciating pain. She had no idea what happened and was unable to walk to the car.  When she visited Resurgens and got the results of her...
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