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  • Conditions

    Hip or knee pain can limit your daily activities. Our expert physicians can diagnose your condition and work with you to determine the best treatment plan.

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  • Non-surgical options

    There are many options, such as intra-articular injections, that could help reduce pain and continue to be active before choosing surgery.

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  • Surgical solutions

    Joint replacement can be done on all joints including the hip, knee, shoulder ankle and more. There are partial options available to qualifying patients and a variety of approaches to consider.

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  • FAQ

    Deciding to have a joint replacement is a life changing decision. Our physicians answer your most pressing questions so you know what to expect during a visit and throughout your recovery.

    Hip Replacement FAQs

Joint Center

Specializing in Hip & Knee Replacement

The multi-disciplinary Joint Replacement Center team includes Board Certified orthopaedic surgeons and registered nurses, physician assistants, and rehabilitation therapists.

We rely on our individual and collective experience, the latest research, technology and techniques to provide the right treatment at the right time for each patient. We assist each patient in reaching and maintaining the highest possible level of function and pain relief through non-operative and operative care.

Joint Center

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We want you to have all the knowledge you need to make the best decision about your health. Explore our extensive video library to learn about common injuries, conditions, treatments and surgeries in more detail.

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Success Stories

  • Robert Dawson

    "They've got great people at Resurgens, from the doctors to the P.A.s to the nurses."

    Resurgens Orthopaedics Patient Is 'Bionic Man' Following Four Successful Surgeries

    Canton's Robert Dawson Praises Resurgens Doctors For 'The Best Care I Could Ever Have Expected' Calling himself a "bionic man," Bob Dawson says he needs physician-issued cards to allow him and his metal knees through airport security checks. But the range of motion in his shoulder is much better than he ever expected, and all his joint replacements are working well. Mr. Dawson, 70, can't say enough good things about the doctors at Resurgens, who have performed four surgeries on him over the past several years. First it was spine surgery in the mid-1990s, then his left knee replacement in 2006, followed by his right knee replacement in 2008. Then,... Continue Reading

  • In 2013, Mark Warr found himself overweight, suffering from arthritis in his knees, and being forced to use a walker...

    Finishing the Peachtree Road Race After Dual Knee Replacement

    In 2013, Mark Warr found himself overweight, suffering from arthritis in his knees, and being forced to use a walker to get around. “Using a walker was embarrassing for me. It was demoralizing. I was getting ready to retire and it was a sign that I wasn’t going to have the retirement I was looking forward to. In retirement my wife and I wanted to travel and see and do things that require walking.  On the days I had to use the walker I would just say: ‘The retirement we had envisioned was not going to happen.’” To treat the arthritis Resurgens Orthopaedics recommended dual knee replacement but the surgery wasn’t going to be successful unless... Continue Reading

  • Glenn Sikes & Jarrett Freeland

    Advances in technology in implants can be life-changing!

    3D technology offers alternative for knee replacement patients

    For the past two weeks, Olympic fans have watched some of the best athletes in the world navigate treacherous jumps and speed on the slopes of South Korea. For some, just watching skiers is enough to make our knees hurt. There are more than 600,000 knee replacements performed every year, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Advances in technology in implants can be life-changing, according to longtime athlete Glenn Sikes. "I pretty much had knee problems even through high school. I didn't have my surgery until I got to college," Sikes said. Ten years later, torn cartilage required more frequent surgeries on Sikes' knees. The... Continue Reading

  • Malcolm Aga

    For Malcolm Aga, athletics, adventure, and traveling were part of his lifestyle since he was a child. At age 59,...

    Conquering Mt. Everest After Hip Replacement

    For Malcolm Aga, athletics, adventure, and traveling were part of his lifestyle since he was a child.  At age 59, hip problems prevented him from crossing the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek off his bucket list. He then decided he wasn’t going to let anything stand in his way. First, a few details about the Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trek: Hikers land at Lukla airport in Nepal, a harrowing journey in its own right.  Often dubbed ‘the world’s most dangerous airport’ because high winds, turbulence, and rough terrain can make for an exceptionally difficult landing.  Upon landing, trekkers have time for little more than a quick stop at one of the... Continue Reading

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