Our expert physical therapists work directly with your physician to improve, restore, or maintain physical strength and function resulting from an injury or following surgery. We specialize in general orthopaedics, hand, spine, and sports medicine.

Resurgens’ Rehab Promise

At Resurgens we are committed to learning and providing the most individualized care possible. Our patients remain our highest priority, therefore during your care we will educate, assess, communicate and become your partner in care.

The starting line to your recovery

What are the first steps to beginning your rehabilitation plan? We will walk you through the steps to get you back to being you.


Dedicated clinicians specializing in orthopaedic physical therapy, hand therapy, spine therapy, sports medicine and industrial/workers' compensation rehabilitation.


Recovery is multifaceted depending on the severity of your injury, previous level of function, age, and overall health. The process is personalized to your injury or post-surgical condition. The rehabilitation experts use the latest researched-based techniques and best practices to return you to the best level of function.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Patients with Blue Cross Blue Shield no longer need a doctor referral to take advantage of the world-class and cost-effective services offered by Resurgens Rehabilitation. This includes Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO, POS, and HMO/OA plans. Please note, insurance restrictions between Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy still apply. Contact a Rehabilitation location so our staff can assist you based on your individual plan.

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Personalized, Quality Care

After you’ve been cared for by the top doctors in metro Atlanta, turn your recovery over to the trusted restoration experts at Resurgens Rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is essential in the advancement of your care, whether it is in an effort to strengthen and reduce pain or recover after a surgery. From routine injury management and patient education, to post-operative intervention and specialized needs, Resurgens Rehabilitation professionals work closely with our physicians to ensure each patient receives the highest personalized, quality care. Our ability to work directly with your physician allows us to develop the best treatment plan for you unique needs and goals. Our philosophy of care is to help each patient return to the highest normal functional level as quickly and safely as possible.
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World Class, Cost-Effective Rehabilitation

At Resurgens Rehabilitation, we understand rehabilitation can be both physically and financially challenging. Our rehabilitation clinicians have achieved the expertise and experience to provide you world class, cost-effective rehab. We are here to help you achieve your rehabilitation goals, and we strive to go beyond simply providing you an exercise handout to perform at home. The Resurgens collaborative treatment approach utilizes personalized care and attention in addition to fewer overall rehab visits. This results in less out of pocket costs for you so you can confidently focus on what’s important to you– your recovery.