Success Stories

Randy Martin

Hip Replacement Fixed Knee Pain Too

The biggest sign of a hip problem is groin or knee pain. After suffering from severe bone-on-bone knee pain for almost 30 years, Randy Martin was finally pain-free after a successful Anterior Hip Replacement surgery that also fixed his knee. "Now I can sit normally and put my socks and shoes on. 6 months ago, I couldn't do this!"


Artist Regains Her Ability to Create

Holly is back to sharing the art she loves to create and back to doing what she wants to do.


Chris's ACL Success Story

Resurgens changed Chris's life because they gave him a new perspective which helped him live a better, healthier life.


Rikki's Knee Success

An unfortunate fall led to a healthier lifestyle and new adventures!

Thomas Joiner

Football Player Back to Tackling His Dreams

The advanced recovery period will enable him to participate in football camps this summer, where he has the chance to impress college scouts.

Barclay Smith

New Hip, Care from Resurgens Orthopaedics

“He is not only a wonderful surgeon but he has a wonderful bedside manner”

Cameron Ogden

Local High School Athlete Returns to Competitive Swimming

Ogden said Dr. Morris was able to return other patients to the pool in as quickly as five weeks.

Joe Becknell

Resurgens Helps Retired Tennis Pro Keep Playing for More Than 50 Years

“I can’t say enough accolades for Dr. Hanna,” Becknell said.

Brian Durkin

Actor Praises Dr. Paul Jeffords for “First-Class” Spine Care

“I’d never had any medical professional go the extra mile to make me feel comfortable like that.”

Andrew Ellis

Atlanta Teen Returns to Dancing After Spine Surgery

Andrew created two moving videos documenting his process of recovery with Resurgens.

Randy Adams

Resurgens Patient Returns to Running

“I owe so much to Dr. Morris and the rest of his team at Resurgens"

Thomas Curran

I am Playing Golf Again

“Mission Accomplished, Doc! Thank you for getting me active again.”

Jessi Harper

Teacher Has Successful Scoliosis Correction Surgery

"The Resurgens team was so wonderful during the entire process."

Cynthia Poundstone

Resurgens Patient Gets Back to Serving Others After ACL Tear

“Dr. Fogle and the Resurgens staff did everything they could to help me move forward in a positive way.”

Jerry Lambert

Local Triathlete Recovers After Devastating Bike Accident

"Every time I would see Dr. Fogle he would be so upbeat and encouraging, always focusing on my progress."

Kurt Morris

Patient Returns to Active Lifestyle After 10 Years of Suffering

“The outcome of the surgery has far exceeded even my wildest expectations”

Rashad Hodge

Dr. Maurice Goins Performs First-of-its-Kind Spinal Surgery in Georgia

"The entire Resurgens staff was phenomenal.”

James “Jimbo” Boyd

Wheelchair Athlete Praises Dr. Sami Khan

“I’m truly held together thanks to Dr. Khan and Arthrex”

Deanna Patterson

Patient Returns to Active Lifestyle After Total Knee Replacement

“In less than six months, Dr. Bircoll gave me my life back. I’m just so thankful.”

Claire Rawlings

Patient Walks into her Fifty Year Class Reunion

“It was exciting to see Dr. Bailey excited. He just really cared."

Johnny Hammond

Phipps Plaza Santa Gets Successful Total Knee Arthroplasty

“Dr. Peretz and the other Resurgens doctors are truly wonderful”

John Head

Resurgens patients sing praises of Dr. Robert Greenfield

“Dr. Greenfield was great about explaining everything. I’m happy to be back to my normal life.”

Bobby Green

Cyclist Gets Moving Again After Surgery

Dr. Fogle’s communication skills and attention to detail were exemplary.

Chris Callahan

Mountain Biker Hits the Trails After Two Major Surgeries

Once again, Resurgens provided Mr. Callahan with a successful procedure.

Holly Irwin

Resurgens Orthopaedics Patient Featured In National Design Magazine

Thanks to her determination and numerous surgeries at Resurgens Orthopaedics, Irwin is gaining renown as an artist.

Debbie St. John

Patients Completes 60-Mile Breast Cancer Walk

“Thanks to Dr. Albert and her posse, I was able to complete my third Susan G. Komen 60-mile 3-Day walk this year.”

Jerry Niemeyer

Pedi-cab Driver Returns to Work After Knee Replacement Surgery

“My experience at Resurgens was absolutely first class. Everyone there was wonderful."

Kyndal Williams

Injured Dancer Loves her Job as a Veterinary Technician

“Dr. Womack is the best doctor ever. He knew exactly what to do and how to fix it"

Lisa Maggart

Patient Gets Physical Therapy for Shoulder, Makes Full Recovery

“Thanks to Dr. Fogle and the physical therapists at Resurgens, I have full use of my arm, no pain, and an active lifestyle."

Caroline Thomas

Patient Pitches in National Softball Tournament

"Two days after her cast was off, she was ready to pitch”

John C. Taylor

90-Year-Old Patient Completes Sprint Triathlon

Taylor finished a triathlon in Florida exactly two months after knee replacement surgery at Resurgens Orthopaedics.

Darrick Heath

Olympic Athlete Praises Resurgens for High Level, Elite Care

"The staff at Resurgens is second to none. The quality of service was incredible."

Darwin Hobbs

Popular Gospel Singer Now Free from Pain after Hip Replacement Surgery

"Because of Dr. Hanna’s commitment to excellence and his willingness to share his education with me, it empowered me to make my decision"

Bobbie Bryan

Patient Returns to Volunteering After Hip Replacement

“Now, I walk, I run, and my husband and I can go dancing.”

Yulunda Jackson

Double Hip Replacement Can’t Stop 34-Year-Old Decatur Resident

"Dr. Albert made me feel comfortable about the procedures and my options.”

Don Albino

Patient Competes in National Senior Olympics

“At Resurgens, I felt they really cared about me.”

Scott Slade

Marconi Radio Award Winner Praises Resurgens

They asked me who I wanted to work on me. One word came to mind: “Resurgens.”

Lisa Hursey

Patient Back on Track After Plantar Fasciitis Surgery

“Dr. Arnold is amazing. She was so good at listening to what I was hoping to be able to do again.”

Larry Castillo

Patient Continues Competitive Canoeing After Multiple Surgeries

Castillo became a patient of Resurgens Orthopaedics after he moved to Atlanta in 1984.

Maranda Thorne

Cheerleaders Choose Resurgens

"He was a huge help to us and spent time to educate us about what needed to be done"

Mark Denholm

RV Camping Dream Made Possible by Experimental Knee Surgery

Innovative knee surgery by Dr. C. Michael Morris of Resurgens Orthopaedics provided the key to the RV lifestyle of the Denholm's dreams.

Xavier Okoro

Patient Recovers From Torn ACL, Plays in Youth Basketball Championship

"I was really very impressed with Dr. Khan and his work."

Sam Mason

Patient Kiteboards Six Months After Hip Replacement

Mason recovered from surgery quickly, he believes, because he followed Dr. Bircoll's instructions.

Robert Dawson

Bionic Man' Recovers From Four Successful Surgeries

"They've got great people at Resurgens, from the doctors to the P.A.s to the nurses."

Roy Wyatt

Patient Climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro After Hip Replacement Surgery

"When you get old, you have two choices. You either do it, or you sit"

Laura Alvis

Patient to Starts a Family Out of Disc Replacement Surgery

"As a nurse, I probably did more research to find a doctor than a lot of people would"

Jack Odhiambo

Surgeon Helps Young Man from Kenya Live Independently

"I have been given a second chance for a reason"

Mike Dunham

Resurgens Patient Returns to Golf After Spinal Abscess

Mike Dunham Credits His Recovery to the Rapid Response and Surgery by Resurgens Spine Surgeon Dr. Maurice L. Goins

William Charles Chase

Patient Gets Moving Again After Innovative Spine Surgery

"I do yard work, I even used a tiller—things I used to do before I hurt my back."


Dry Needling Returns Athlete to Competition

After 6 months of pain and trying different treatments with no improvement she returned to Dr. Fogle who recommended dry needling, a non-surgical intervention procedure...which finally got her back to doing what she loved!

Cartiva Synthetic Cartilage Gives an Alternative to Fusion

Randee Lieppe's injury to her big toe caused her to put away her high heels and changed how she lived her life. At first cortisone shots helped but she then developed arthritis and a bone spur in her big toe. Her only option was surgery that would have left her without motion in her toe and a long recovery. Then Dr. John Gleason told her about a new FDA approved procedure: the Cartiva implant.

Finishing the Peachtree Road Race After Dual Knee Replacement

In 2013, Mark Warr found himself overweight, suffering from arthritis in his knees, and being forced to use a walker to get around. The retirement he and his wife envisioned wasn't possible. But after two successful knee replacement Mark and his wife are looking forward to seeing and hiking all over the world!

Vincent's Disk Replacement Success Story!

Vincent was on a mission trip playing with children when he felt a sharp pain in his neck radiating down his left arm. His neck pain was so severe it couldn’t be relieved with powerful medications, ice, heat, or traction. He hadn’t slept in two days to due to the constant aching and stabbing pain. Two months after cervical disk replacement surgery Vincent is doing great and back to what he loves!

Ryan Dyer

New Dad Benched by Herniated Disc

“I got to be a dad again. Dr. Grimm is my hero!”

Ronda Robinson

New Anti-Gravity Treadmill gets a runner back on her feet

The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill is the world’s first and only treadmill using NASA based anti-gravity technology, and it has been installed to help patients in their short-term rehabilitation programs.

Vernard Green

Military Veteran Back to an Active Life after Knee Replacement

Spending time in the military and winning race after race on the competitive cycling circuit taught Vernard he could do anything he put his mind to, but he admits nothing could have prepared him for his life’s greatest challenge: recovering from a total knee replacement surgery.

Glenn Sikes & Jarrett Freeland

3D technology offers alternative for knee replacement patients

Advances in technology in implants can be life-changing!

Regina Lovell

Tennis Player Returns to the Court

With tennis being so important to her, she was understandably devastated when she broke her ankle. But a successful surgery and dedication to her physical therapy has Regina back on the court she loves!

Malcolm Aga

Conquering Mt. Everest After Hip Replacement

For Malcolm Aga, athletics, adventure, and traveling were part of his lifestyle since he was a child. At age 59, hip problems prevented him from crossing the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek off his bucket list. He then decided he wasn’t going to let anything stand in his way.

Danny Hutcheson

Knee Replacement Allows For Future Plans

Danny’s double knee replacement has significantly improved his everyday life. He no longer has any difficulty climbing ladders for his new business, and has an easier time matching pace with his growing family.

James Lamar

Drumming After Disc Replacement

When a neck injury threatened his ability to play the music he loves, he refused to take it sitting down. He decided to take action, and the talented staff at Resurgens Orthopaedics had him back and rocking out in no time.

Lisa Callahan

Operation Walk and Dr. Hanna got Lisa back to her family

“They replaced my hip and my daughter drove me home. I didn’t stay in the hospital; it was amazing.”

Michelle Jenkins

Dancing after minimally invasive hip replacement

“I am so happy with the care and the results; I just can’t say enough good things about them.”

Gemal Eustache

Getting A Chef Back On His Feet And Back In The Kitchen!

I thought I was going to be just a number on a page but that has not been the case,”

Joey Mallin

Turning a Tragedy into a New Beginning

“I’m just glad to be alive; glad that I made it through.”

Caroline Blaylock

Partial Knee Replacement Solved Bone On Bone Damage

I'm completely happy with my results… in fact, I have recommended [Resurgens Orthopaedics] to several other people," she says happily.

Chris Whitlow

Back to winning championships after Achilles tear

"Pat did a great job of keeping a positive spin on everything."

Mariam Mundie

Returning to a Full Life After Hamstring Surgery

Mariam spends every day serving patients in her role as a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at St. Joseph's Hospital in Atlanta. She never thought she would end up as a patient herself until one day an accident left her with a torn hamstring.

Lisa Bennett

Lisa's Dream of Helping Others

If it hadn't been for Resurgens Orthopaedics I don't know where I would be. They saved my life. The quality of my life improved because of what Dr. Miller and Dr. Peretz did… I can't say enough and I highly recommend them.

Victoria W.

Double Hip Replacement Success


Returned to HIIT Workouts After Knee Replacement

Whether it was ice skating, trapeze artistry, or a daily Orangetheory Fitness class, Linda was always up for a challenge.  Staying active and using her body to do extreme sports was in her nature.

Cal T.

A First Responder Gets Relief from Back Pain

Cal was released to return to full duty work without any restrictions as a first responder at six months after surgery.

Deborah P.

Prehabilitation helps prepare for surgery

I really appreciate, being an older athlete, that I was treated as someone who should get out there and be fixed so that I can do and enjoy activities I love.

Sandra Pulliam

Getting Back on the Horse after Bilateral Hip Replacement

Sandra Pulliam, a 61 year old Georgia native, grew up with a love for animals. She began riding horses when she was only two years old and fell in love with the sport. Sandra was lucky to turn her passion into her career as an equestrian trainer. She taught and rode for years while raising her family in Fayetteville.  

Natalie J.

Healing a Broken Leg

Natalie said, “It’s been a journey, a good journey. Everyone was always so nice and friendly. I can never say everything about how they helped me. I had so much support all around me.”

Kip Hollstein

Skiier Recovers and Hits the Slope Again

To ski or not to ski was no longer a question Kip Hollstein had to think about after his knee surgery with Dr. C. Michael Morris. Kip has enjoyed sports all his life.

Child Grows Up to Have Career at Resurgens

When you were young did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up? Some people are lucky enough to know, but sometimes they fall into their field due to being accident prone as a kid.

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