Hip Replacement Fixed Knee Pain Too

By the time he saw Dr. Robert Yarbrough, Randy Martin had been suffering from severe bone-on-bone knee pain for almost 30 years. But could Randy's knee pain actually be coming from his hip? After watching Randy walk, Dr. Yarbrough ordered hip x-rays. The biggest sign of a hip problem is groin or knee pain. This is usually associated with loss of motion, swelling, and/or stiffness. It is quite common for people with hip problems to complain about pain in their knee and difficulty putting on socks and shoes, losing mobility and flexibility in their golf swing, or extreme stiffness after sitting.

Watch Dr. Yarbrough and Randy share his hip replacement success story!

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Randy arrived at the Roswell Surgery Center at 5:30 AM and after being checked in, Dr. Yarbrough visited with Randy and explained exactly what was going to happen.

Dr. Yarbrough replaces the damaged ball of the hip and socket in the pelvis using an anterior approach. This procedure allows patients to recover more quickly with improved patient outcomes due to improved implant positions. Going through the front of the hip avoids cutting or splitting any muscles, and instead pulling the muscles to the side for a faster recovery. Prior to using this procedure, patients would be in the hospital for 3 to 4 days and face a recovery period of three months. Using the anterior approach Randy didn't have an overnight hospital stay; instead his surgery was completed in a Resurgens Orthopaedics Surgery Center as an outpatient procedure and he was discharged by 12:30pm that same day.

The biggest sign of a hip problem is groin or knee pain. After suffering from severe bone-on-bone knee pain for almost 30 years, Randy Martin was finally pain-free after a successful Anterior Hip Replacement surgery that also fixed his knee. "Now I can sit normally and put my socks and shoes on. 6 months ago, I couldn't do this!"

The next day, Jennifer, a highly-trained Physical Therapist, visited Randy at his house to begin the post-operation therapy. Randy's PT was completed in 3 weeks but was able to return to work after just 2 weeks. Randy said; "The best part was the convenience - her coming to my house meant I didn't have to go anywhere!"

"I was ahead of the recovery game because of the pre-surgery therapy and exercises that strengthened my knee and hip before the surgery."

After the surgery swelling subsided, Randy noticed an improvement and a lot less pain in his knee after the first week. Randy continued; "My knee is the smallest it's been in 30 years. And without the swelling I have more flexibility. I used to have to turn sideways to put my socks and shoes on because I couldn't bend my leg. And now I can sit normally and put socks and shoes on. Gosh, 6 months ago, I couldn't do this!"

Randy is living a pain free life for the first time in 30 years, he only wished he had the surgery sooner.

Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Robert Yarbrough, specializes in treatment of the hip and knee, treating both sports injuries and arthritis. He sees patients with all types of injuries and conditions. "As we grow older our bodies also wear down and we like to keep people active. But with activities, injuries can happen. A lot of problems we see are due to injuries but other things are commonly due to osteoarthritis. Our goal is to keep our patients active; we want our patients out golfing, biking, and doing whatever they love to do. Resurgens Orthopaedics specializes in surgical and non-surgical treatments. Most patents are successfully treated without surgery through physical therapy and different stretching techniques and medications. We work with our patients to determine their best course of care.

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