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Chris's ACL Success Story

Growing up Chris played all kind of sports; football, basketball, track, lacrosse, and swimming. He was looking forward to a future as an athlete when slight knee-to-knee contact tore his right anterior cruciate ligament or ACL.

After this knee injury he worked hard to get back on his feet and back on the playing field.

He was again picturing an athletic career but his senior year he suffered a left ACL tear.  This second injury changed everything for Chris.  His future sports career was no longer an option and he had to face a new future. 

Chris chose Resurgens Orthopaedics for all of his surgical and non-surgical treatments, including rehabilitation therapy.  The team at Resurgens stayed with Chris every step of the way; they really cared about his well-being.  Resurgens changed his life because they gave him a new perspective which helped him live a better, healthier life.  

Chris is now pursuing a career in the medical field after his experiences with Resurgens Orthopaedics, and continues to be an encouraging example to those around him.

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