Bionic Man' Recovers From Four Successful Surgeries

Canton's Robert Dawson Praises Resurgens Doctors For 'The Best Care I Could Ever Have Expected'

Calling himself a "bionic man," Bob Dawson says he needs physician-issued cards to allow him and his metal knees through airport security checks. But the range of motion in his shoulder is much better than he ever expected, and all his joint replacements are working well.

Mr. Dawson, 70, can't say enough good things about the doctors at Resurgens, who have performed four surgeries on him over the past several years.

First it was spine surgery in the mid-1990s, then his left knee replacement in 2006, followed by his right knee replacement in 2008.

Then, only six weeks after his second knee replacement, Mr. Dawson suffered a fall in his garage that resulted in multiple fractures to his left shoulder. When he fell, his neighbors wanted to take him to a hospital close to his home in Canton, but he insisted on going to St. Joseph's, where he knew he could get a Resurgens doctor.

"They've got great people at Resurgens, from the doctors to the P.A.s to the nurses."

"They've got great people at Resurgens, from the doctors to the P.A.s to the nurses. I can't say enough good things about them," Mr. Dawson enthused.

Dr. Drew V. Miller replaced his shoulder following the fall, and he and his staff provided "the best care I could ever have expected," Mr. Dawson said.

Dr. Keith D. Osborn performed his spine surgery, and Dr. Kenneth J. Kress gave him "two perfect knees."

"You guys have rebuilt me," Mr. Dawson told his doctors, adding that throughout his treatments, Dr. Reuben Sloan "magically kept me pretty pain free."

"I'm doing great!" Mr. Dawson said. "But rest assured, if a bone gives me trouble, I'll be back." 

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