Double Hip Replacement Can’t Stop 34-Year-Old Decatur Resident

Yulunda Jackson Swims, Jogs, and Plays Racquetball as Part of Her Commitment to a Healthy Lifestyle

At 34, Yulunda Jackson is the picture of health. She goes to the gym twice a week, swims, jogs, and plays racquetball. Before surgery at Resurgens Orthopaedics, however, her life was very different.

Jackson developed lupus in her 20s, and the autoimmune disease wreaked havoc with her health. Then she began to have problems with her bones, which she blamed on the steriods she was taking to control the lupus.

At age 27, Jackson began to have pain in her hips, and she was diagnosed with avascular necrosis. After seeing several doctors, she found Dr. Mary J. Albert at the Resurgens Lawrenceville office.

Jackson, who currently lives in Decatur, recalls her first encounter with Dr. Albert.

"When I went to see her, I had a cane, and every step was difficult," Jackson said. "I was so glad to meet her. She made me feel comfortable about the procedures and my options."

By the time she was 31, the disease had progressed to the point Jackson needed to have both hips replaced.

"Dr. Albert made me feel comfortable about the procedures and my options.”

"I had one done, then a couple of months later I had the other one done," she said.

Now, Jackson has been pain free for three years and is committed to staying fit.

"I go to the gym twice a week, and that really helps," Jackson said. "The life expentancy of the replacements joints depends on you and your lifestyle, and I want to make sure they last."

Dr. Albert sees patients in the Resurgens Lawrenceville office. Her areas of expertise include orthopaedic traumatology and total joint replacement. She received her medical degree and completed her residency at the University of Wisconsin Medical School. She completed a fellowship at Emory University/Grady Memorial Hospital in orthopaedic traumatology as well as an AO/ASIF Trauma Fellowship in Munich, Germany.

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