Cheerleaders Choose Resurgens

Maranda Thorne One of Three Resurgens Patients on Her Cheerleading Squad Wearing Casts at the Same Time Ahead of National Competition

When 11-year-old Maranda Thorne broke her hand in a tumbling accident, she was afraid she was off her cheerleading squad forever. But following hand surgery at Resurgens Orthopaedics, she was back on top of the cheerleading pyramid in time for national competition this month.

And in a unique twist of fate, she was one of three members of her squad wearing casts from Resurgens at the same time.

"Cheerleading is the most dangerous sport out there," Maranda's mother, Martha Thorne of Alpharetta, admitted. But in spite of the injuries, Maranda worried most about returning to practice with her friends.

"When someone works that hard, it makes it really tough to face an injury like hers," Mrs. Thorne said.

"He was a huge help to us and spent time to educate us about what needed to be done"

Maranda is a "flyer" for her team, meaning she's the one at the top of the pyramid and the one who gets thrown in the air, Mrs. Thorne said. After the injury, Mrs. Thorne sought out Dr. Jason A. Schneider at Resurgens because of his reputation treating other young athletes in her North Fulton community.

"He was a huge help to us and spent time to educate us about what needed to be done," Mrs. Thorne said.

Dr. Schneider performed surgery to place two pins in Maranda's hand. "It wasn't a big surgery, but for her, it was huge," Mrs. Thorne said.

"I can't imagine working with anyone else," Mrs. Thorne said of her experience at Resurgens.

Dr. Schneider's areas of expertise include surgery of the hand and upper extremity as well as shoulder and elbow surgery. He completed his medical degree and his residency at Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, D.C., and completed fellowships at The Cleveland Combined Hand Fellowship in Cleveland, Ohio and the Insall Scott Kelly Institute for Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine in New York. He practices in the Roswell and St. Joseph's offices of Resurgens. 

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