Marconi Radio Award Winner Praises Resurgens

Why Resurgens Orthopaedics was the right choice for me

By Scott Slade 

They asked me who I wanted to work on me. One word came to mind: “Resurgens.”

It was right about dusk on a Weds., Jan 28, 2009. I was just going to run some horse feed down to the barn before going to get some dinner. It had rained the night before but I wasn’t worried. I had walked down that hill more times than I could count. I was carrying about 90 pounds of extra weight when I slipped. My right leg twisted under me and I felt a SNAP above my ankle and another next to my knee. I knew it was bad; I wouldn’t know how bad until later.

While I was lying on my back, just out of sight of the house, I had one thought: “This is really going to start hurting soon.” I knew I had to get help before I went in to shock. I tried the leg and nearly passed out. I started to bellow like an ox. Nobody could hear me. I had to butt-slide back up the hill before I could get anyone’s attention. My daughter came to the door and inquired as to my well-being. I yelled, “CALL 9-1-1 NOW AND USE THE HOUSE PHONE SO THEY WILL KNOW RIGHT WHERE WE ARE!” 

My wife covered me with a blanket while we waited on the fire department to transport me to Gwinnett Medical Center. I started to shiver uncontrollably and wow, did that thing start to hurt. The paramedics were terrific and had me at the hospital in less than an hour after the accident. The ER staff was efficient and really started hopping once they got the first Xrays: compound complete break of the tibia, fracture of the fibula. Classic spiral tib/fib fracture. They asked me who I wanted to work on me. One word came to mind: “Resurgens.”

I already had experience with Resurgens before the big break. They treated me successfully for a broken foot (racquetball) and a broken wrist (hiking) in years past. I am very glad I made the request. At the time I didn’t realize they have over 20 orthopedic centers throughout metro Atlanta (one right next to Gwinnett Medical Center) and Dr. Raymond Hui, my surgeon, is one of the best trauma guys around. He almost laughed the next morning when I asked him how big the cast and the scar on my leg would be. He explained they treat breaks like this more successfully with internal fixation; I would be getting some metal that would steady the bones while they grew back stronger than ever. No cast; small scars; amazing result.

Thanks to Dr. Hui and his Resurgens team, I’m doing everything I did before my accident including some 12-mile hikes in the Colorado Rockies and along the Appalachian Trail. I send my family to Resurgens and highly recommend them. Whether you’ve experienced trauma, a sports injury or a chronic condition you’ve finally decided to fix, remember the name if you’re ever in pain: Resurgens. I’m certain you’ll have a great outcome just like I have.

Resurgens Orthopaedics, Georgia’s largest orthopaedic practice, has 20 offices and six surgery centers throughout metro Atlanta. With 98 physicians, Resurgens provides specialized expertise and broad experience in the areas of sports medicine, joint replacement, neck and back surgery, foot and ankle surgery, shoulder and elbow surgery, non-operative spine care, hand surgery, arthroscopic surgery, epidural steroid injection, general orthopaedics, and trauma care. Resurgens provides comprehensive musculoskeletal care in a single location, from injury diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation services.

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