Resurgens patients sing praises of Dr. Robert Greenfield

Returning from a two-week trip to the western U.S., John Head was looking forward to some rest after a long drive. He just didn’t expect his down time to be in a hospital bed. 

Head, 57, of Covington, and his wife were on the long bus ride home when the problems started. He had been experiencing some discomfort, but nothing major. After sitting for so long on the bus, and upon returning home, he became completely immobilized and couldn’t walk. 

His wife took him to the emergency room where they told him he had two herniated disks and he had to be treated right away or risk being paralyzed.  

Resurgens Orthopaedics physician Dr. Robert Greenfield hadn’t seen Head in clinic, but when fellow Resurgens physician Dr. Roderica Cottrell contacted him with Head’s symptoms, he called him that night at 10 p.m. and scheduled surgery for the following day. 

Head was suffering from cauda equina syndrome and lower extremity weakness. His L4 and L5 discs were herniated and had ruptured, and he needed a laminectomy. 

“He and his wife are very happy with the results,” said Dr. Greenfield. 

Head said everything has improved and he is very thankful to Dr. Greenfield. He is very mobile, is back deer hunting, and is even remodeling the inside of his home. 

“Dr. Greenfield was great about explaining everything. I’m happy to be back to my normal life.”

“I’m very thankful for what Dr. Greenfield did,” said Head. “Everything went like clockwork. Dr. Greenfield was great about explaining everything. I’m happy to be back to my normal life.” 

Don Kenney, also of Covington, would agree. He had both of his knees replaced by Dr. Greenfield late last year and is back to doing what he enjoys, including building antique cars, something he was unable to do with his knee problems. 

“I can get back to working on cars now. I couldn’t before because I couldn’t get on my knees and if I did, I wouldn’t be able to get up! But now, I can do all that,” exclaimed Kenney. 

After having total knee arthroplasty, aka total knee replacement, on both knees in November and December of 2012, Kenney is feeling great and praises Dr. Greenfield for his exemplary work, calling him “the marvelous Dr. Greenfield.” 

“If anyone ever comes to me for a recommendation with stuff like this, I say, ‘you need to see Dr. Robert Greenfield at Resurgens! He will take good care of you,’” said Kenney. “He is just an absolute professional.” 

Kenney is currently working on a 1954 Kaiser with his brother, relishing every moment and enjoying the way his new knees make him feel. 

“I will be 78 in May but I feel like I’m 50 with my new knees,” said Kenney. “This was the greatest thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

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