Patient Gets Physical Therapy for Shoulder, Makes Full Recovery

Lisa Maggart Wins Third Place in ‘What Does Resurgenize Mean to You' Contest

Lisa Maggart of Norcross had just started a new job when she woke up one morning unable to lift her right arm more than three inches from her side. In excruciating pain, she went to an orthopaedist who recommended surgery immediately. 

Knowing that recovery time after rotator cuff surgery would cause her to lose her job, she sought a second opinion from Dr. Evander Fogle at Resurgens Orthopaedics. 

Maggart submitted her story to Resurgens' recent “What Does Resurgenize Mean To You” contest and was recognized as a winner by Scott Slade on Atlanta's Morning News on News/Talk WSB radio.  

“During my visit with Dr. Fogle, he reviewed the diagnostic images, talked about my pain and movement issues, and did some functional tests in the exam room,” Maggart, who is 49, wrote in her contest entry. 

“Dr. Fogle said that yes, I do have a torn rotator cuff, but he also saw some muscle atrophy in the neck area that might be causing my problem. He recommended a course of physical therapy to see if that might help.” 

“Thanks to Dr. Fogle and the physical therapists at Resurgens, I have full use of my arm, no pain, and an active lifestyle."

After her first visit to physical therapy, she could move her arm above her head. “After a few visits, not only did I have full mobility, but I also have minimal to no pain,” she wrote. 

Her physical therapist said that much of her problem was because of the position of her head while she was sitting at the computer. With exercises and therapy, she was able to strengthen the shoulder muscles around her rotator cuff, which is 50 percent torn, and she may not ever have surgery. 

“The people at Resurgens listen to you. They care about you beyond your first office visit. Dr. Fogle is brilliant. He saw something immediately that the other people had missed, and I’ve already referred my 85-year-old mother to him,” Maggart said.  

“Thanks to Dr. Fogle and the physical therapists at Resurgens, I have full use of my arm, no pain, and an active lifestyle. I was able to keep working and remain independent,” she said. 

Dr. Fogle practices at the Resurgens St. Joseph’s office. Dr. Fogle’s areas of expertise are shoulder and elbow surgery, knee surgery, arthroscopy, sports medicine, and general orthopaedics. He completed his medical degree at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, Tennessee, and his residency at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. He completed a Fellowship in shoulder and elbow surgery with the University of Southern California Orthopaedics Department, and also served as an orthopaedic surgeon in the U.S. Navy prior to joining Resurgens Orthopaedics. Dr. Fogle is board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons with a Subspecialty Certificate in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine.

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