Artist Regains Her Ability to Create

Holly was always independent and self-sufficient. But then the joints in her hands and feet became severely deformed and she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma. Rheumatoid arthritis can be described as walking on marbles and very painful. She felt demoralized, defeated, and isolated when she couldn't participate in life anymore.

Holly's only option was surgery to flatten her feet and reconstruct her hands. Resurgens Orthopaedics was the best choice for all of her procedures and rehabilitation therapy. Now Holly is back to sharing the art she loves to create and doing what she loves to do again. Just being able to walk again has given Holly a whole new outlook on life and she feels blessed to be given this second chance. Resurgens Orthopaedics has helped Holly Reach For More and live life more fully.

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Holly is back to sharing the art she loves to create and back to doing what she wants to do.
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A middle-aged woman walks down a rocky trail.

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