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Robotic-assisted surgery allows you to undergo advanced treatments while experiencing reduced recovery periods. Under the close supervision of our physicians, robotic surgery technology provides increased accuracy and minimal incisions, even in challenging anatomical locations. Learn more from our expert orthopedic doctors at Resurgens.

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What Is Robotic Surgery?

Orthopedic robotic surgery combines our surgical expertise with advanced technology to optimize for the best outcomes. Surgeons use these machines to perform procedures through tiny incisions in otherwise difficult-to-reach areas. The technology includes precise instruments, a special camera with magnified 3D views, and a surgical console for precise control. During the procedure, the surgeon has a monitor that uses the 3D model to plan the best "route" for the patient's unique anatomy. This technology minimizes incisions and encourages faster recoveries.

Surgeons undergo specific training in robotic-assisted surgery, with some opting for formal instruction through fellowships in minimally invasive and robotic surgery. This method allows for greater precision and expands the possibilities of surgical care.

What Are the Benefits of Robotic-Assisted Surgery?

Robotic-assisted surgery offers several key benefits. It allows for smaller incisions, which correlates to faster recovery times. The precision of the robotic tools surpasses that of a human hand, which allows for intricate movements even in tight spaces. The advanced camera system also enhances visualization by providing clear, magnified, and 3D views of the surgical area. Additionally, because surgeons can operate within a smaller incision than traditional surgery allows, a patient's outcomes are often improved. This includes reduced pain, infection risk, blood loss, hospital stays, and scarring.

Robotic Technologies at Resurgens Orthopaedics

We have several minimally invasive robotic surgery systems available. Discuss which methods may be right for you with your physician.

The Mako Robot

The Mako Robot serves as a tool enabling robotic-assisted surgery for hip and knee joint replacements. A preoperative CT scan generates a 3D model that allows us to plan out your surgery. This preparation empowers surgeons to tailor plans to individual patients' requirements and execute them with remarkable accuracy.

Cori Surgical System

Utilizing Real Intelligence software, the CORI Surgical System is highly versatile and encompasses an expanding scope of joint reconstruction applications, including comprehensive and partial knee procedures, knee revision surgeries, and total hip procedures. CORI also creates a comprehensive 3D model of your knee, allowing detailed surgery planning, eliminating the need for a CT scan, and reducing exposure to radiation.

ROSA Robotic Technology

The ROSA® Knee System stands as a robotic surgical assistant designed to enhance the precision and quality of knee replacement surgeries. Leveraging real-time data, the ROSA robotic system aids surgeons in accurately positioning knee implants, tailored to the individual's distinctive knee anatomy.

How Do These Different Robotic Technologies Work?

MAKO Robot

Using 3D CT-based planning software, Mako provides your surgeon with detailed insights into your anatomy, facilitating the creation of a customized plan for your joint replacement procedure. During the surgery, your surgeon adheres to this tailored plan, preparing the bone for the implant while skillfully directing the robotic arm within the predetermined area. With the support of Mako's AccuStop technology, the surgeon remains within the designated boundaries that were established during the personalized preoperative planning stage. This technology acts as a guide, enabling the surgeon to execute precise cuts and minimizing unnecessary bone removal and safeguarding your healthy bone tissue.

CORI Surgical System

The CORI system is used by your surgeon to generate a three-dimensional digital representation of your knee. This comprehensive visual aids the surgeon in confirming and validating the choice of your knee implant, as well as devising a surgical strategy. This process eliminates the need for a CT scan or MRI.

Throughout the operation, the CORI system collaborates with your surgeon, aligning the knee implant to your unique anatomical structure. Transmitting accurate data to the robotics-assisted handpiece at a rate exceeding 300 times per second, the system empowers your surgeon to remove compromised anatomy, balance joints, and position the implant with expert precision.

ROSA Robotic Technology

The ROSA Knee System employs optical trackers and a compact camera affixed to the leg, meticulously gauging the precise spatial orientation of your knee. Even the most subtle leg movements prompt the robotic system to make necessary refinements, guaranteeing the unwavering execution of your surgeon's meticulously devised surgical strategy with remarkable accuracy. Throughout the course of the procedure, the ROSA Knee System continuously furnishes your surgeon with real-time data, enriching their expertise and facilitating the precise positioning of the knee implant.

How Should I Prepare for a Robotic-Assisted Surgery?

Preparing for minimally invasive robotic surgery involves several important steps to ensure a smooth and successful procedure. First, consult with your surgeon to thoroughly understand the surgical process, its benefits, and potential risks. Disclose your medical history, including any preexisting conditions, allergies, and medications you're taking. Follow your surgeon's guidelines regarding fasting or dietary restrictions before the surgery, as well as any preoperative tests that may be necessary. It's advisable to quit smoking and limit alcohol consumption, as these can affect your body's ability to heal.

Arrange for transportation to and from the surgical facility and plan for someone to assist you at home during the initial recovery period. Pack a bag with essential items for your hospital stay, including comfortable clothing and personal care items. Adhering to these steps will help ensure that you are well-prepared both physically and mentally for your minimally invasive surgery.

How Long Does Recovery From a Robotic-Assisted Surgery Take?

While recovery following robotic surgery typically entails less pain and a shorter duration compared to traditional surgery, certain restrictions and guidelines may still apply during the postoperative phase. These instructions might encompass refraining from engaging in heavy lifting or strenuous activities until approved by your healthcare provider for resuming regular routines. Your surgeon may recommend refraining from driving for a minimum of one week.

Always follow your surgeon's guidance regarding pain medication and other post-operative directions. Should your pain intensify, especially if not alleviated by pain medication, or if you encounter symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and excessive discharge or bleeding from the surgical site, it's essential to reach out to us as soon as possible.

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