Gymnastic Tips - Dr. Michele Perez

Have you been watching gymnastics during the Summer Games? Our men and women gymnasts are amazing and will cap off the games with the rhythmic competition. Dr. Michele Perez, a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician at Resurgens Orthopaedics Spine Center, grew up competing in Acro-Gymnastics. In today's video blog, she is sharing some common injuries and prevention tips for gymnasts of all levels.

Common Injuries:

  • Traumatic - injuries range from minor (sprains and strains) to more severe (ACL tears, lumbar stress fractures and wrist injuries).
  • Overuse - to the wrists, knees and spine

Prevention Tips:

  • Strength training
  • Flexibility training
  • Rest, when needed to avoid overuse injuries
  • Spotter - gymnasts must use a spotter until they are comfortable performing the skills on their own
  • Equipment - it is important to make sure the equipment is in top working condition to avoid accidents

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