Weightlifting Tips for Injury Prevention - Dr. Thomas McQuail

Have you been watching the weightlifting events during the Summer Games?  It’s definitely “ Go Heavy or Go Home!”  Dr. Thomas McQuail is an orthopaedic surgeon at Resurgens Orthopaedics and loves to work out with weights in the gym.  In today’s blog, Dr. McQuail is sharing tips to help prevent injuries during weightlifting.


  • Warm-up – This helps warm up your muscles and prepare them for the work-out.  This includes light cardio for five minutes, then switch to light weights with high repetitions and finish by stretching out your muscles.
  • Exercise technique – It is important to understand the proper form and technique while lifting.  If you are unsure, seek guidance from someone with experience, i.e., a trainer.
  • Use the Correct Weight - Don’t let your ego pick the weight, let your brain do it.  If you can’t lift the weight using the correct form….it’s too heavy.
  • Spotter - For your safety, it is important to lift with a spotter.  Don’t get 200 pounds stuck on your chest.
  • Outside the Gym – After you are done feeling the burn, it is important to get plenty of rest, rehydrate your body and consume a nutritious diet.  This helps your body to regenerate for your next session.


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