Tennis Tips from Dr. Anuj Netto

Dr. Anuj Netto is an avid tennis fan who enjoys playing the game recreationally.  Here are some tips from Dr. Netto to help prevent tennis injuries.

  • Most tennis injuries are largely preventable and are typically the result of overuse or improper technique.  
  • The most widely recognized injury, tennis elbow, results in pain on the outside of the elbow and makes simple task such as holding a gallon of milk quite painful.
  • Proper stretching before and after a match can help prevent tennis elbow and other muscles strains.  Stretching should last at least 5 minutes and be performed in a slow and focused manner.
  • Additionally proper strengthening and a regular warm up routine can help prevent tennis elbow and common strains of the rotator cuff muscles.
  • Finally, playing tennis in moderation can decrease the chance of developing stress fractures, which often occur as a result of increasing training too rapidly.  These injuries, typically in the legs and feet, are preventable with proper endurance training and appropriate footwear.


Resurgens Orthopaedics wishes all the athletes from Georgia good luck during the 2016 Summer Games!!

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