Cycling Safety Tips

Cycling is a great way to spend time outside and get a little exercise at the same time. Whether you enjoy hitting the dirt trails or the greenway, pedaling away helps improve our flexibility, strength and spirit. However, cycling can also lead to injury and musculoskeletal problems.

Most cycling injuries do not involve collisions or falls. With a little preparation and insight some common cycling problems may be avoided.

Following are a few tips to help you pedal safer and enjoy time outside with family and friends.

1) Always wear a Helmet

  • Concussions and head injuries are largely preventable problems by padding your noggin.

2) Have your bike seat, height and fit checked by a professional

3) Be sure your bicycle is properly maintained.

  • Tire Pressures
  • Brakes
  • Chain
  • Mechanical failures are not only frustrating, they can also be painful when they result in a tumble off your bike.

4) Know your terrain/ path

  • Be aware of obstacles, unexpected trail twists and turns
  • Make your "1st Run" a scouting, slower paced ride

5) Ride with partner

  • Company is more fun
  • In the event of injury or malfunction, it's always helpful to have another set of hands

Implementing some of these safety tips will help keep you healthier and more active while avoiding injuries.