Cleaning up Your Work Space

You just got done celebrating New Years, so when’s the next celebration?  Well if you’re interested in creating a healthier work environment for yourself, you can celebrate on the 2nd Monday of January, known as National Clean Off Your Desk Day, this is the day when you celebrate by organizing, cleaning, and making your workspace more comfortable.  At Resurgens Spine Center, we encourage you to participate and kick off the new year with a neat and organized workspace.

Why is a clean workspace so important?  There are many reasons, but the most important one is ergonomics.  That’s the science of making things fit the human body, and your work area is the perfect place to do that.  After all, you’re spending eight or more hours there every day so why not make a few changes that will make those hours a little easier?

Get rid of the clutter. A cluttered work area will cause you to have to lean over things or stand in awkward positions in order to do your job.  If you work at a desk, piles of paper and office supplies can make it difficult to access your phone or keyboard.  If you stand up all day, clutter underfoot can create a dangerous environment where tripping and falling are constant hazards.  Get that clutter out of the way and you’ll be less likely to injure yourself.

Workspace clean up

The next step is to organize things in a way that makes sense.  That way, it will be easier to put things where they belong and you won’t be back to the same cluttered mess a week from now.  Make use of drawers and shelves to organize your papers and tools and make sure you put everything back in its place when you’re done with it.

The final step is to rearrange your workspace to fit your body.  Adjust your chair height and set up your computer monitor so you don’t have to turn your neck to see it.  Also, consider obtaining an ergonomic keyboard and mouse set.  This will reduce strain on your wrists and make you less likely to suffer from repetitive stress disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome. 

When you get your workspace squared away, you’ll not only be improving your physical health, but you’ll be helping out your mental health as well.  You see, a cluttered work area has a profound effect on your mental state.  Stacks of papers and binders can make you feel frantic and even induce your body’s stress response.  Work is stressful enough without a disorganized work area making it worse.  So take the opportunity to clean up your workspace and start off the New Year on the right foot!