Walking Your Dog for Your Health

Walking Your Dog for Your Health
The Resurgens Orthopaedics blog is going to the dogs this week in honor of National Dog Day! We have lots of dog lovers on our team and today, they’d like to tell you a bit about all the health benefits of taking your dog for a walk.

Dog Walking and Your Muscles
At Resurgens Orthopaedics, muscles and tendons are close to our hearts. When you take your dog for a walk, not only does it help your dog get some much needed exercise, it also helps strengthen your muscles and connective tissues. Next time you take your dog for a walk, try taking the long route to get an even bigger benefit to your muscles!

Dog Walking and Bone Health
As we get older, our bones begin to lose calcium, which can make them more brittle. This is especially important to remember for women, who are significantly more likely to develop osteoporosis than men. One great way to strengthen your bones is by getting more low-impact exercise. Lucky for you, your dog would love to help you with your goal! Taking a nice, leisurely walk with your dog can go a long way towards making your bones sturdier, so talk to your doctor about this and all the other ways you can slow the progression of osteoporosis.

Walking Your Dog for Your Health

Dog Walking and Cardiovascular Health
Obviously, the more cardiovascular exercise you get, the healthier your heart will be. Taking a brisk walk with your dog can be a fun way to get in some cardio without going to the gym. Not only will you improve your heart health, you'll also help your dog stay in shape. As a bonus, the more energy your pup burns up on the walk, the less hyperactive they'll be when you get back home.

Doctors have known for decades that dog ownership is good for you; now you know a few of the reasons why. Take your pooch on an extra-long walk—for your health!

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