Summer Safety Tips from Dr. Quackenbush

Summer Safety Tips from Dr. Quackenbush

Spring and summer re-open numerous possibilities for us to get back outside and enjoy all that Georgia has to offer.  The flowers all already in bloom and many are getting their bicycles tuned up, buying new running shoes or cleaning out their pools.  Summer brings with it a wonderful time of year to have fun with friends and family.  Unfortunately, it can also bring with it accidents and injuries.  There are many ways that we can all enjoy these activities while still ensuring that we are being safe at the same time.

Wear a Helmet

Wearing a helmet, whether you are on a bicycle, motorcycle or rollerblading down the greenway can protect you from serious injury.  It seems like common sense, but many of us think that a casual ride in the park or around the neighborhood isn’t the same as riding the Tour de France.  Falls can happen at any time and without warning.  A stick in the road, a pothole, a dog that is off his leash or other passersby that aren’t giving you the right of way can all lead to an unexpected injury.  Although a helmet may not protect you from a broken collar bone or sprained ankle, a helmet can save your life and help avoid traumatic brain injury which is much more difficult to heal.  While it’s not the most fashionable piece of safety equipment, if a helmet saves you a trip to the emergency room, it’s probably worth it.

Slow down at the Pool

We have all grown up swimming in the summer with mom and dad (or maybe the lifeguards) yelling “slow down” or “no running.”  We were all just having a good time and getting caught up in the summer fun.  Slipping on a wet pool deck can cause all kinds of injury from skinned knees to broken arms.  If you walk and be mindful of wet and slick spots, your chances of getting seriously injured will be dramatically reduced.  And don’t be afraid to speak up.  If you are having kids over to your pool or you are out at someone else’s pool, don’t be afraid to give caution to anyone else not being careful – adults included.

Get off your phone

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of accidents on the roads today.  Texting, talking, putting on makeup, even eating your breakfast burrito, all take your mind off of the task at hand – getting safely to your destination.  It is estimated that 1 in 4 of all accidents are caused by distracted driving.  As the weather gets nicer and more people are out on the roads, riding bicycles, and going for a run, we need to be especially vigilant.  The phone can wait. Slow down, observe the speed limit and keep a safe distance from pedestrians and bicyclists.  Don’t pass until you have a clear line of site into oncoming traffic and then do so cautiously.

Summer can be a wonderful time of year to stay active and healthy.  We are fortunate that our climate affords us the chance to enjoy it a lot longer than some of our northern neighbors.  With nicer weather comes more responsibility for all of us to be aware of our surroundings.  Just as important and it is for those of us who participate, it is equally, if not more important, for those of us who don’t, to be aware of the dangers of some of these things and all do our part to make our summer as safe as possible.  If you suffer an orthopaedic injury this summer, call or schedule an online appointment with one of the physicians at Resurgens Orthopaedics today.  We will work with you to get back out there enjoying your summer fun!

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