Golf and Low Back Pain

Headshot of Jason W. Vélez, D.O.
Written by: Jason W. Vélez, D.O.

The nice weather has finally arrived in Metro Atlanta and many people are ready to get outside and play a round of golf at one of our great local courses. I love to play golf and as an orthopaedic spine surgeon, I see many patients who suffer from back pain that keeps them from playing the game they love. I have put together a few tips and a video to help you decrease your risk for low back pain and help keep you out on the course.

Warm Up

Many people don't think about golf as a sport that requires a warm up before hitting the links. However, because of the motion required by the body to play golf, it is important to take a few minutes to warm up. This will allow your muscles to relax and help them become accustomed to the motions they will be performing. This is important for your low back which takes the brunt of the stress when you tee off each hole. Check out our BackTalk video and see some easy stretches that will take only a few minutes to do before you begin your day of golf.

Proper Golf Posture

Many of us have gotten the advice over the years to stand up straight and maintain good posture. That advice comes in handy for our golf game too because the low back is especially susceptible to injuries from improper posture. By maintaining a proper stance, it will help you avoid an awkward golf swing and unnecessary twisting of the spine and small muscles that support it. If you adopt the correct stance when taking your swing, you'll be less likely to hurt your back, and you'll have better luck keeping your ball on the fairway.

Work on Your Swing

The perfect swing takes work to achieve, and unfortunately, an improper golf swing can cause low back pain. Many golfers make the mistake of swinging too hard, which can cause you to pull the muscles in your low back. Taking the time to perfect your swing can help lower your risk for low back pain and keep you out on the course.

I hope these tips, along with the video, help you to decrease your low back pain and keep you out on your favorite golf courses. If you find yourself experiencing back pain that is keeping you off the links, the physicians at Resurgens Spine Center are here to help you get back to your game.