How to Survive Holiday Eating with Your Diet Intact

Everybody loves Thanksgiving, right?  With all that rich food like turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce, what’s not to like?  Well for some of us who are trying to watch our caloric intake, Thanksgiving can be a stressful time.  So how do you eat all your favorite holiday foods without wrecking your diet?  At Resurgens Orthopaedics, we want you to enjoy all that holiday cooking without having to put your dietary concerns on the back burner.  Here are a few tips to help you survive Thanksgiving with your diet intact.

Have a Thanksgiving Workout
The best way to prevent excess calories from being stored as fat is to burn them off before it happens.  In preparation for your big Thanksgiving meal, you might consider getting some exercise.  That way, your body will use the calories you consume to recover from your workout instead of storing them for later in your fat cells.

How to Survive Holiday Eating with Your Diet Intact

Thanksgiving Portion Control
Although it’s tempting to load up your plate, if you’re thinking about calories, you can try taking smaller portions of each item.  That way, you’ll get a chance to try everything you want while still limiting the size of your meal.  Chances are, you’ll still feel satisfied and you’ll have some room for a slice of pumpkin pie later!

Have a Healthy Pre-Thanksgiving Meal
Even if you’re saving room for the main event, it may be a good idea to eat something earlier in the day.  By filling your stomach with something healthy before your Thanksgiving dinner, you won’t feel the need to stuff yourself later and you’ll be better able to control your eating pace.  As a bonus, you’ll be less likely to fall into a food coma after you’re done eating!

When it comes to holiday eating, you don’t have to stress.  Try following these tips so you can enjoy all your favorite Thanksgiving foods without overdoing it.  Not only will it help you feel more confident about your fitness goals, it will also prevent you from ending up passed out on the couch with a stomach ache later.