Daylight Savings - Get Moving Again

Daylight Savings started today at 2:00 AM and you know what that means: Spring is just around the corner!  If you’re anything like the staff at Resurgens Orthopaedics, you’re more than ready for the temperatures to start rising so you can get outside and get active again.  If you’ve been spending the winter cooped up inside, we’d like to suggest that you spring forward and take this opportunity to get moving again.  Here are a few fun spring activities you can try out over the next few weeks to get active after the Winter slump.

Get Your Garden Ready

Even if it’s not quite time to plant your garden yet, putting in some work now will save you time in the future.  Now that the ground’s unfrozen, take a look at your old garden plot and assess its condition.  Early spring is a good time to throw down some compost or fertilizer so it can permeate the soil.  You can also grab your shovel or tiller and turn over the hard ground so your plants will have an easier time developing a strong root system.  When you do your soil preparation now, you won’t have to worry about it in a few weeks when you start planting, plus that burst of physical activity is a great way to break out of your sedentary winter habits.

Go for a Hike

As the weather gets warmer, flowers will start to bloom and animals will start coming out more often.  Georgia has plenty of parks, rivers, and mountains for you to explore, so find your favorite spot and take some time to reconnect with nature.  Pick a sunny day and get outside to observe the sights, sounds, and smells of springtime; young flowers poking up from the ground, birds singing as they return from their winter homes, and the feeling of warm sunlight on your face.  You can’t experience these things indoors, so get outside and get moving!

Join a Spring Sports League

The Atlanta area offers plenty of opportunities to join a team this spring, and it doesn’t have to be anything serious.  Some quick online searching will help you find dozens of sports leagues starting this month for adults and kids alike.  More traditional sports like basketball and tennis will be starting soon, or you could try something lighthearted like dodgeball, flag football, or cornhole.  No matter which league you end up joining, the important thing is that you find a fun way to stay active and get warmed up for the summer!

After a long, hard winter, Daylight Savings time can be your light at the end of the tunnel.  Now that you’ve set your clocks forward, don’t forget to hit your own reset button and find some physical activity to do.  The items listed above are just suggestions, so find something that works for you and get going!  If you need help thinking of something, talk to your doctor about physical activities that are appropriate for your age and fitness level.  Good luck; we hope you have an amazing spring!