Brees Thumb Injury

I love professional football. My wife and I watch with rapt attention every chance we get. The injury to Drew Brees' thumb, the ulnar collateral ligament of the thumb, makes it nearly impossible to grip or grasp. That ligament stabilizes the thumb on the side towards the index finger.

Top view of thumb showing torn ulnar collateral ligament

Stabilization of that ligament will make Drew Brees' return to football possible in approximately six weeks. A primary repair of the ligament, possibly augmented with additional internal bracing material, makes it possible for the thumb to regain normal stability in approximately six weeks.

The operation to repair the ligament takes approximately one hour. Restoring normal anatomy and stability is the goal. Allowing the ligament to heal naturally after repair takes approximately four to six weeks of immobilization, followed by therapy and increased activity.

This is a common injury that we routinely treat at Resurgens orthopedics, and most often happens with forced extension, and injuries while skiing, or playing other sports.

If this happens to you, let us know. We will do our best to get you back to activity as soon as possible. We wish Drew Brees well in his recovery.