7 Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer

Now that summer’s in full swing, all of us at Resurgens Orthopaedics hope you’re enjoying this beautiful Georgia weather.  While it would be great if summer was all about fun and games, it’s also important to think about your orthopaedic health while you go about your summer activities.  Here are a few ways you can have fun this summer while still keeping the health of your bones, muscles, and connective tissues in tip-top shape:

Take a Walk

Now that the weather is nice and warm again, it’s the perfect time to stop taking the car for short trips.  Walking more often is a great way to get in more exercise while you go about your daily activities.  Taking more steps will do wonders for your musculoskeletal system, increasing muscle mass as well as bone density and the strength of joints and connective tissues.

Stay Hydrated

Summer temperatures and sunshine make us all want to spend more time outside but they can also quickly deplete your body’s water reserves.  Mild dehydration can cause painful cramps and more severe cases can lead to heat stroke or even death.  That’s why it’s important to remember to drink plenty of water, especially when engaging in physical activities outside.

Get Plenty of Vitamin D

A diet high in calcium is great for building strong bones but your body can’t utilize calcium without vitamin D.  If you’re looking to get more vitamin D, we’ve got some great news for you: your body can produce its own vitamin D simply by soaking up the sun!  For healthy bones this summer, be sure to drink milk fortified with vitamin D and spend a few hours outside each day.

Be Careful with Fireworks

The rate of injuries related to fireworks increases substantially over the summer, with most of them occurring in the two-month period around Independence Day.  If you’re putting on a fireworks show, be sure to follow all safety precautions to prevent devastating orthopaedic injuries.

Drive Safe

Once again, the rate of orthopaedic injuries from traffic accidents spikes up in the summer simply because more people are on the road.  July 1st marked the first day the hands-free law went into effect in Georgia.  One way to avoid an automobile accident is to follow this law and avoid holding the phone while talking and not texting while driving.  

Always Use Proper Lifting Technique

There’s lots of work to be done over the summer, whether it’s yardwork, packing for a trip, or anything else that involves heavy lifting.  If you want to avoid back injuries over the summer, be sure to use proper lifting technique any time you’re doing heavy work.

Go Easy on the Alcohol

As you’re probably already aware, excessive alcohol consumption can impair your coordination and decision-making abilities.  Often times, alcohol impairment can lead to orthopaedic injuries, so if you’re having a few drinks this summer, be sure to moderate your alcohol consumption so you can keep a clear head and make good decisions.

No matter what kind of fun you’re getting into this summer, Resurgens Orthopaedics would like to encourage you to keep your orthopaedic health in mind.  Remember that minding your health doesn’t have to be chore; you can find plenty of ways to incorporate healthy choices into your normal summer activities.  Stay healthy and have a great summer!