Trick or Treat Safety Tips

Trick or Treat Safety Tips
Ways to help keep your family safe this Halloween.

Trick or Treat is coming up soon and at Resurgens Orthopaedics, we couldn’t be more excited!  Trick or Treat is a fun night for kids and adults alike, and we can’t wait to see all the wonderful costumes.  Of course, safety is always important to us, so here are a few tips to help you and your kids stay safe during Trick or Treat this year:

Plan out Your Route

Things can get pretty chaotic during Trick or Treat night, so it’s a good idea to plan out your route ahead of time.  That way, you won’t get distracted and get lost, or lose members of your party.  And when both kids and adults know the planned route, you’ll be less likely to lose one another.

Stay in Well-Lit Areas

When it starts to get dark, the chance for injuries goes up.  In addition, the darkness can make it easier for parents to lose track of their kids.  To prevent this, stay in well-lit areas and give a flashlight to everyone in your party.

Walk in a Group

The old adage still holds up: there’s safety in numbers.  Before you go out Trick or Treating, get together a group of friends with kids.  In a group, you can use a buddy system to help keep an eye on one another and prevent group members from getting lost.  Not only is it safer, but everything’s more fun when you do it with friends!

The physicians and staff at Resurgens Orthpaedics hope your Halloween outing this year will be all treats, and no tricks.  Do you have Halloween safety tips?  Visit our Facebook page and share your tips with us!  And if you experience a sprain, strain or break while trick or treating, our physicians are here to help!  Call or schedule an appointment online.  Happy Halloween!

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