Stress Relief Tips for the Holidays

Stress Relief Tips for the Holidays
Tips to help keep your holidays from becoming too stressful.

While the holidays are supposed to be fun, they can also be hectic, chaotic, and stressful.  At Resurgens Orthopaedics, we know that too much stress can affect your overall health.  Here are some tips to help decrease your stress during the holiday season. 

Be Realistic

It would be great if we had time to go visit every friend, attend every party, and still make time for the family.  Unfortunately, you’re only one person and the holiday season doesn’t last forever.  Be realistic about what you can do so you don’t overcommit and increase your stress level.


Learn to Say “No”

On the same token, don’t feel guilty if you have to say no, even if it’s to a close friend or family member.  If you can’t visit them this holiday season, you can make plans to see them in the new year.


Make Time for Yourself

The holidays are a time for togetherness, but don’t forget about yourself completely.  Many people need some alone time to recharge, and that’s OK.  If the festivities are getting to be too much for you, try taking a walk alone, or scheduling some “me time.”


There’s a lot to do around the holidays, and it’s normal to feel stressed. We hope these tips help you have more peace during this holiday season.  If you injure yourself during the holiday season, call or schedule an online appointment with one of our physicians today.  We will help get you back to your festivities as soon as possible.  

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