School backpack and spine health

Kids all over the country will be heading back to school this month, and the Resurgens Spine Center team would like to take some time to talk about backpack safety.  Children are at a crucial time for growth in their lives and carrying a backpack that’s too heavy can cause some long-term issues.  Here are some of the main injuries that can be caused by heavy backpacks:

Backpacks and Muscle Strain

The muscles of the shoulders and back are strong but even they have their limits.  A backpack stuffed full of heavy books can pull the muscles out of alignment, potentially causing a strain.  Buying a smaller backpack for your child can help by physically limiting the number of items they can carry with them at one time.  

Backpacks and Poor Posture

Carrying a heavy backpack can cause the shoulders to overcompensate by moving forward.  Over time, this can lead to a condition known as “rounded shoulders,” more commonly called slouching.  Not only is this condition bad for the spine and surrounding muscles, but slouching also causes a person to be perceived as being less confident.

School backpack and spine health

Falls Caused by Heavy Backpacks

When a child carries a heavy backpack, it can become difficult for them to maintain their balance.  With all the other kids running around the halls of their school, a heavy backpack can make a child more likely to fall, and with many children’s backpacks weighing in excess of 30 pounds, a fall could lead to even more serious injuries.

If you’re concerned that your child’s backpack is too heavy, be sure to talk to a doctor about ways you can take that weight off their shoulders.  To all the kids in the Resurgens family, we wish you a happy and healthy school year!