Protecting Your Spine While Golfing

Fore!  It’s Miniature Golf Day and Resurgens Spine Center is honoring this momentous occasion by sharing some information about how playing golf can affect your spine. While getting injured during a mini-golf game is fairly uncommon, its big brother can be responsible for some pretty serious injuries.  

Muscle Injuries from Playing Golf

One of the more common injuries occurs during the swing and involves the muscles that support the spine.  The unusual twisting motion of a golf swing can put stress on these muscles, potentially causing an injury.

Protecting Your Spine While Golfing

Disc Injuries from Golfing

Once again, twisting the back during a golf swing can put stress on the discs, especially for people who have existing disc problems.  This twisting motion can actually cause a bulging or herniated disc and can be very painful. 

Lifting Injuries among Golfers

When you head out on the golf course, chances are you won’t be playing with a caddy.  That means you’ll be lifting your golf bag repeatedly throughout your game, which can cause back injuries, especially in the low back. Be mindful of the way you’re lifting your golf bag.  Never bend your back when lifting; instead try keep your back straight and bending your knees.  This will engage the large muscles in your legs, allowing your smaller back muscles to take it easy.  

Preventing Golf Injuries

As with any sport, getting in a proper warmup is crucial to preventing injuries.  Before you head out on the links, try taking some easy swings to warm up your muscles.  In addition, some light stretches may help your spine become more flexible.  Your doctor can be an invaluable resource in designing a fitness routine that can help you get in shape for your next round of golf.  

The team at Resurgens Spine Center hope you find this information helpful as you get ready to head out for your next golf game.