Home Remedies for Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Remedies


Sometimes, lower back pain is so severe that it requires drastic measures to be alleviated, like surgery or intensive physical therapy. Other times, lower back pain is something that can be relieved at home using simple remedies. Although you should always consult a doctor to make sure your back pain isn’t part of a more severe problem, once you get the go-ahead, you can use home remedies to heal your back. Here are a few methods from the physicians at Resurgens Spine Center that can help solve your back pain issues at home:

Heat and/or Ice for Back Pain

Chances are, your doctor will recommend this type of therapy for back pain. Quite often, back pain results from an injury to one of the small muscles in the back. Injuries can cause these muscles to become inflamed and painful. Applying ice to the injured area can reduce this inflammation, while heat can help soothe those muscles and allow them to release the tension they are holding.

Massage for Back Pain

Massage works wonders for tight muscles in the back, but if you don’t have time or money to visit a massage therapist, you can often massage yourself. As long as you are able to reach the affected area, simply knead any tense muscles until they begin to release and feel better. This is an activity that can be repeated as often as necessary throughout the day.

Stretching for Back Pain

When your back muscles are tense, they tug and pull everything out of alignment. This can cause pain not only in the back, but in other parts of the body as well. Gently stretching the muscles 2-3 times per day can help restore their flexibility and relieve any pain you may be experiencing. Talk to your doctor about specific stretches that can soothe the muscles that are giving you trouble.

Over-the-Counter Medications for Back Pain

Sometimes, all it takes is a few pain relievers. Aspirin and Ibuprofen have been used for decades to reduce pain from back injuries, and they work just as well today as they always have. These medications work by reducing inflammation in your muscles.

While back pain is often a part of life, you don’t have to let its effects linger. If your back pain isn’t too serious, using a combination of the methods listed above have been shown to reduce the duration and severity of back pain. Again, you should always consult with a qualified physician before embarking on any home treatment plan, but once you get the OK from your doctor, these home remedies can have you fixed up in no time.