Flexibility and the Health of Your Joints

Stretching can seem like a bit of a chore and its benefits are harder to see than those of other exercises.  As a result, so many of us don’t actually take the time to stretch before we begin to exercise.  Just as exercising helps to keep your muscles healthy, stretching helps to improve the flexibility of your joints.  Here is some information from the physicians at Resurgens Orthopaedics Joint Replacement Center on why stretching is important to your overall musculoskeletal health:

Improved Flexibility

When you work out your muscles, it’s important to balance that activity with stretching.  Over time, you may notice you don’t have the same range of motion you used to have.  By stretching before and after exercising, you’ll help prevent this loss of flexibility and you’ll actually improve you muscle tone.

Less Risk of Injury

Getting some exercise is great for your overall health but any time you put stress on your body, you risk injury.  Because they are designed to flex and move, your joints are especially vulnerable.  The strength of your joints comes from the cumulative effort of your bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.  Stretching can help your joints to become stronger and more flexible to help prevent injury as you exercise.  

Improved Blood Flow

Stretching increases blood flow to the muscles.  This increase in blood flow brings a supply of nutrients to the muscles and helps to reduce soreness after a workout. 

Stretching is an important part of your exercise routine and the overall health of your joints.  If you are experiencing joint pain, schedule an appointment with one of the physicians at Resurgens Orthopaedics Total Joint Replacement Center.