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Minimally Invasive Procedures for Common Knee and Shoulder Injuries

Dr. Ansari discusses minimally invasive procedures to repair common knee and shoulder injuries.

Non-surgical spine treatments

Check out Resurgens Spine Center physician Dr. Michelle Perez and her patient, Kathy, discussing her acute injury from a car accident. Kathy’s non-surgical treatment plan included physical therapy and a minimally invasive treatment called radiofrequency ablation. Now Kathy’s pain is kept under control with intermittent cortisone shots, medications when needed, and at home therapy.

Chef Kevin Gillespie

Check out the highly-acclaimed Atlanta Chef Kevin Gillespie with Resurgens Spine Center physician Dr. Scott Middlebrooks on Atlanta & Company. Chef Gillespie was suffering from low back pain due to a herniated disc which was solved with a minimally-invasive microdiskectomy surgery.

Minimally Invasive Foot and Ankle Procedures

Are your feet feeling the effects from exercise, running the Peachtree Road Race, or just everyday life? Check out Dr. Bailey. and Dr. Stewart's appearance on Atlanta & Company to learn about new minimally invasive procedures for runners and anyone with an active lifestyle.

Minimally invasive procedures can offer a cosmetically pleasing outcome with less recovery pain and better joint motion so we can feel better faster!

Our Employees Make Us Better!

Check out our Human Resources Director, Sue Dunlap, and Co-President, Dr. Doug Lundy talking about what makes Resurgens Orthopaedics such a great place to work - our employees!! Plus all the ways we give back during the holidays.

The Resurgens Foot & Ankle Center!

Dr. Stewart's appeared on Atlanta & Company to chat about the Foot & Ankle Center, what it takes to become an orthopaedic doctor, and ankle arthritis.

Disk Replacement Success!

Dr. Goins and his patient, Vincent, talk about Vincent's successful cervical disk replacement surgery. Check out Vincent's Reach For More story here!

Giving back to the Community!

Drs. Kirkpatrick and Gleason talking about the good works of the Resurgens Charitable Foundation! The mission of the Resurgens Charitable Foundation is to promote active lifestyles for people of all ages and all abilities.

Taking care of your feet!

Check out Drs. Kowalchuk and Walton Jr. talking about common foot and ankle over use injuries and treatments along with prevention tips!

Hip Replacement Fixed Knee Pain Too

Randy had been suffering from severe knee pain for almost 30 years. But could his knee pain actually be coming from his hip? The biggest sign of a hip problem is groin or knee pain, usually associated with loss of motion, swelling, and/or stiffness. Watch Dr. Yarbrough and Randy share his hip replacement success story! Learn more about Randy and his Reach For More story!

Virtual After-Hours Access

Resurgens Orthopaedics has partnered with the HURT! app to offer FREE virtual after-hours access to orthopedic specialists right when you need it.

Receive immediate guidance on your injury!