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  • Diagnosis

    Our physicians use the latest technology such as MRI, CT, EMG, and nerve conduction studies to diagnose your hand pain.

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  • Non-surgical options

    From in office procedures to specialized hand therapy, your hand issue can often be treated without surgery. It is the goal of our physicians to provide treatment options that work for your lifestyle and situation.

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  • Surgical solutions

    Hand surgeries are typically outpatient procedures – which mean lower cost, less time in the office and no hospital stays.

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  • Dedicated Therapy for the Hand, Wrist and Elbow

    Our certified hand therapists focus on recuperating your hand issues and expediting your return to a productive lifestyle.

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  • FAQ

    Hands play a pivotal role in our lifestyles, from typing to praying to holding our loved ones. Our physicians answer your most pressing questions so you know what to expect during a visit and throughout your recovery.

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Hand Center

The Resurgens Hand Center specializes in the treatment of hand and upper extremity disorders, including fractures, tendon and nerve injuries, arthritis, nerve entrapments, and pediatric disorders. Our physicians are orthopaedic surgeons who have received additional fellowship training in caring for and treating conditions affecting the hand and upper extremity and are trained in microsurgery.

Hand Center

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We want you to have all the knowledge you need to make the best decision about your health. Explore our extensive video library to learn about common injuries, conditions, treatments and surgeries in more detail.

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Success Stories

  • Holly Irwin

    Thanks to her determination and numerous surgeries at Resurgens Orthopaedics, Irwin is gaining renown as an artist.

    Resurgens Orthopaedics Patient Featured In National Design Magazine

    Holly Irwin Gains Recognition as a Painter After Multiple Surgeries on Her Hands We tend to take our hands for granted. Reach for this; grab that; shake hands. But when pain or injury limits the use of our hands, life can change dramatically.  For Resurgens Orthopaedics patient Holly Irwin, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) limits her ability to do the things she loves.  Diagnosed with RA and scleroderma (hardening of the skin and connective tissue) in 1993 at the age of 36, Irwin struggled with pain and limited use of her feet and hands. As the disease progressed, she left her job in marketing and returned to painting, which she had studied before “getting a... Continue Reading

  • Maranda Thorne

    "He was a huge help to us and spent time to educate us about what needed to be done"

    Cheerleading Injuries Send Young North Fulton Patients To Resurgens Orthopaedics for Treatment

    Maranda Thorne One of Three Resurgens Patients on Her Cheerleading Squad Wearing Casts at the Same Time Ahead of National Competition When 11-year-old Maranda Thorne broke her hand in a tumbling accident, she was afraid she was off her cheerleading squad forever. But following hand surgery at Resurgens Orthopaedics, she was back on top of the cheerleading pyramid in time for national competition this month. And in a unique twist of fate, she was one of three members of her squad wearing casts from Resurgens at the same time. "Cheerleading is the most dangerous sport out there," Maranda's mother, Martha Thorne of Alpharetta, admitted. But in spite of the injuries,... Continue Reading

  • Jack Odhiambo

    "I have been given a second chance for a reason"

    Resurgens Orthopaedics Surgeon Helps Young Man from Kenya Live Independently

    Dr. Edward H. Holliger IV Performs Surgery On Kenyan Who Lost Both Arms in a Train Accident Resurgens Orthopaedics surgeon Dr. Edward H. Holliger IV has supported the Alpharetta-based non-profit, The 410 Bridge, since its inception. So when the group approached him about a young man who had lost both arms in a train accident, Dr. Holliger agreed to help. The young man, Jack Odhiambo, was 21 when he lost both arms attempting to hop aboard a moving train. He has no recollection of the accident. All he remembers is running for his life, then waking up in the hospital to find that both his arms were gone. "For so long, I wished that I had died under the wheels of that... Continue Reading

  • Holly

    Holly is back to sharing the art she loves to create and back to doing what she wants to do.

    Artist Regains Her Ability to Create

    Holly was always independent and self–sufficient. But then the joints in her hands and feet became severely deformed and she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma. Rheumatoid arthritis can be described as walking on marbles and very painful.  She felt demoralized, defeated, and isolated when she couldn’t participate in life anymore. Holly’s only option was surgery to flatten her feet and reconstruct her hands.  Resurgens Orthopaedics was the best choice for all of her procedures and rehabilitation therapy.  Now Holly is back to sharing the art she loves to create and doing what she loves to do again.  Just being able to walk... Continue Reading

  • Joey Mallin

    “I’m just glad to be alive; glad that I made it through.”

    Turning a Tragedy into a New Beginning

    As a high school student, Joey Mallin was passionate about sports.  He played soccer every day and was looking forward to his life after graduation.  As is often the case in life, things didn’t exactly go according to plan and Joey was severely injured in a car accident.  Now, more than a year after the accident, Joey has made a nearly full recovery and his experiences have given him a new outlook on life - including a new calling: he’ll be studying to become a physical therapist!  Here’s how Joey Mallin turned a tragedy into a new beginning. “It was October 22nd, 2017, 5: 00A.M,” Joey recalls.  “I was driving with my... Continue Reading