Fracture of the Talus

What is Fracture of the Talus?

Fracture of the Talus Definition

Fractures of the talus are relatively uncommon and typically result from high-energy trauma to the ankle.Fractures can happen in different parts of the talus, each with varying pain symptoms and prognoses.These fractures have the potential to be devastating, sometimes resulting in arthritis requiring future treatment.

Fracture of the Talus Anatomy

The talus is a very peculiar and important bone in our ankle/hindfoot.Over 70% of the bone is covered with cartilage and it is involved with three different joints, each vitally important for ankle and hindfoot motion.Sometimes the blood supply to the talus can become compromised with injury, leading to necrosis of the bone.A CT scan is often necessary to fully evaluate the nature of the fracture in greater detail.

Fracture of the Talus Treatment Options

As with any type of fracture, both non-operative and operative treatment are considered for talus fractures.Considerations include:

  • Type/location of fracture in the talus
  • Amount of displacement
  • Simple fracture vs multiple fragments
  • Joint involvement (if any)
  • Patient co-morbidities

Non-operative treatments will typically involve boot or cast immobilization as well as possible weight-bearing restrictions.

Fracture of the Talus Surgery

Operative treatments will vary but may involve pins, screws, or even plates and screws. All options will be discussed by your orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon.