Claw Toe

What is Claw Toe?

Claw Toe Definition

Claw toe is caused when you have some type of injury to the nerves of your foot. Diabetics are commonly the population of people who end up getting claw toe.

Claw Toe Symptoms and Anatomy

Nerves allow muscles the ability work properly. Claw toe is commonly caused when you have an injury to a nerve of your foot. You have nerves that help the muscles on the top of your toes, and nerves that help the muscles on the bottom of your toes. When both nerves are working properly, your toes are straight and normal. But if the nerve on the top of your toe is not working properly, this will cause your toe to point downward, because the muscle on the top of your toe isn't straightening out your toe and your toe muscle on the bottom are pulling it downward unopposed.

Claw Toe Treatment Options

Treatment options are largely geared toward getting your toe into its natural position; this can be done by taping or using a splint that will put your toe in its normal position.

Claw Toe Surgery

If conservative treatment, such as taping and/or splinting does not help, your surgeon may elect to move forward with surgery. Surgery will consist of your surgeon straightening your toes, using a technique and plan that would best alleviate your symptoms.