Accessory Navicular

What is Accessory Navicular?

Accessory Navicular Definition

An accessory navicular is an extra piece of bone or cartilage located on the inside(medial) area of the foot just above the arch. It is present at birth and is not common in most people. An important tendon, the posterior tibial tendon, attaches to it so patients can get an associated tendonitis when they have pain.

Accessory Navicular Symptoms and Anatomy

Most people do not have symptoms from the extra bone, but with overuse, trauma or chronic irritation from shoes pain can occur. Most commonly symptoms appear during adolescence. However, in some, symptoms can start in adulthood. Patients present with a prominent bony area on the medial side of the foot with pain, swelling and occasional redness.

The diagnosis is made by your doctor who presses over the bony prominence which recreates pain. X-rays show an extra bone in the area. MRI can be used to further evaluate the condition.

Accessory Navicular Treatment

Treatment is both nonsurgical and on occasion surgical. Nonsurgical therapy includes rest, ice, immobilization in a boot, anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy and shoe orthotics.

Accessory Navicular Surgery

Surgical treatment is only done when all other treatment modalities fail. The extra bone is not needed for function so excision of the bone with repair of the tendon is done.

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