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Cartiva Synthetic Cartilage Gives an Alternative to Fusion

Randee Lieppe's injury to her big toe caused her to put away her high heels and changed how she lived her life.  At first cortisone shots helped but she then developed arthritis and a bone spur in her big toe. 

"I was miserable."

Any movement in Randee’s big toe would cause excruciating pain. Her only option was fusion surgery that would have left her without motion in her toe and a long recovery. Then Dr. John Gleason told her about a new FDA approved procedure; the Cartiva implant.

“It's spongy like silicon but firmer so it gives resistance. It relieves the pain, similar to a fusion, but it maintains the motion.”

Cartiva is revolutionary technology and the only synthetic cartilage approved in the United States. Created by Georgia Tech and manufactured locally in Alpharetta it is quickly gaining popularity. Dr. Gleason expects Cartiva synthetic cartilage will soon be used in other joints like knees and hands. 

"If it can hold up to the stress of the forces that go across the big toe then it will be successful in other joints too."

Randee Lieppe is glad to have the Cartiva implant. 

"I love it, it’s great! I'm back in my heel and starting to get back to my normal lifestyle, which is really nice."

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