Game Ready®

As a leader in orthopedic care, Resurgens recognizes that the quality of rehabilitation is a critical component in a successful recovery.
Game Ready® System

Game Ready® System

Resurgens offers Game Ready® at many of their locations, as a cryo-therapy option with the goal to help patients recover faster and better from orthopedic surgery and injury. The Game Ready® system is the leading technology in orthopedic and sports medicine recovery, and is clinically proven to provide a faster and better quality of recovery after injury or surgery.

The system uses patented technology, combining active air compression and cold therapy to help accelerate the body's natural repair mechanisms. The system provides intermittent pneumatic (air) compression through the wraps that inflate and deflate while simultaneously delivering cold therapy. Intermittent compression helps the body eliminate swelling and edema while stimulating the flow of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood necessary for healing. Comfortable and consistent cooling reduces pain, swelling, and muscle spasms. Resurgens is pleased to make Game Ready® available to its patients for a faster, better recovery.

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Resurgens Orthopaedics has partnered with the HURT! app to offer FREE virtual after-hours access to orthopedic specialists right when you need it.

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