The Resurgens St. Joseph Rehabilitation location is fortunate to be able to provide its patients with the Cybex isokinetic machine. It is used to rehabilitate and strengthen patients while also providing quantitative measurement of their performance.

The Cybex provides a solution for measuring and improving human performance in the clinic and offers 22 isolated-joint movement patterns, four resistance modes (isokinetic, isotonic, isometric, and passive) and numerous reports to meet the measurement and exercise needs of today's clinicians and researchers.

Here are some great benefits to using the Cybex:


Only with testing can you determine baselines, set goals, and track change. The Cybex offers two primary measurement solutions.

Isometric Testing: when dynamic movement is a concern, isometric testing is the answer. The Cybex will safely position the patient to each angle in the protocol. Protocol options include angles, hold-times, rest periods, repetitions, and sets.

Isokinetic Testing: to determine maximum dynamic capability throughout the range-of-motion isokinetic testing is the solution. The Cybex offers concentric and eccentric resistance testing. Isokinetic curve results make it easy determine areas of pain or weakness and determine capability.


Exercise is performed to improve mobility, stability, strength, and control. The Cybex offers four modes of resistance and numerous feedback options to meet these goals.

Passive Mode: develop the mobility that the patient requires, from straight pattern movements to complex PNF patterns.

Isometric Mode: stabilize the joint to perform angle specific strength training.

Isokinetic Mode: continue to strengthen using proven methods to enhance return-to-function including concentric and eccentric loading and deceleration training.

Isotonic Mode: complete the return-to-function training using our simulated mass isotonic mode.

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